PostHeaderIcon Co-Chairs Paper on the Terms of Reference for the ARF Experts/Eminent Person (EEPs)

Co-Chairs Paper on the Terms of Reference for the ARF Experts/Eminent Person (EEPs)



The 71h ARF Senior Officials' Meeting in May 2000 agreed that "the ARF proceed with collating nominations of experts/eminent persons (EEPs) for the Register on a voluntary basis for submission However, discussions on the terms of reference for the use of the Register would continue in the next inter-sessional year." The 7th ARF Ministerial Meeting in July 2000 also agreed that 'pending further discussions and agreement on the terms of reference for the Register, the ARF participants proceed with collating nominations of experts / eminent persons (EEPs) for the Register on a voluntary basis with the ARF Chair serving as a focal point. "

Consistent with this request, the ARF ISG on CBMs of the 2000/2001 inter-sessional year should continue discussions on the terms of reference for the use of the Register while the ARF participants forward the list of their EEPs for the Register on a voluntary basis. The purpose of this paper is to generate further exchange of views among ARF participants on the development of an appropriate draft Terms of Reference for the EEPs.


1. Nomination on Experts/Eminent Persons

(a) Each ARF participant can nominate, on a voluntary basis, up to five experts/eminent persons (EEPs), after having obtained their consent.

(b) Each ARF participant may only nominate its own nationals to the Register. (In the case of the EU, it may nominate EEPs holding the nationality of any EU country). An ARF participant cannot veto the nominees of another ARF participant.


2. Contents of the Register

(a) The Register should contain the following information on each EEP: name, nationality, contact details (address, phone/fax numbers, e-mail address, etc.), curriculum vitae, areas of expertise, as well as any additional information deemed relevant.


3. Management of the Register

(a) The ARF Chair will manage the Register throughout each intersessional year. Copies of the Register should be made available during meetings of the ARF SOM and upon the request of any ARF participant.

(b) ARF participants should keep the ARF Chair informed of any changes in the information regarding their respective nominees including the addition and/or withdrawal of an EEP. The ARF Chair will then update the Register accordingly.


4. Scope and Procedure for Activities of the EEPs

(a) The EEPs may provide non-binding and professional views or recommenda~ions to the ARF participants, when they are requested to undertake in-depth studies and researches or serve as resource persons in ARF meetings on issues of relevance to their expertise. .

(b) The ARF Chair or any ARF participant may propose to activate the EEPs for the above-mentioned tasks. Such proposals will be collected by the ARF Chair and circulated to all ARF participants. In the absence of any objection from concerned ARF participants the proposals will be put into effect.

(c) The activities and findings/results of the EEPs should be reported to the ARF Chair which would share it with all ARF participants. In this regard, the EEPs should be informed in advance on the way their findings/results will be used by the ARF chair or ARF participants.


5.  Funding

(a) The ARF participants that engage the services of the EEPs will bear the costs involved.

(b) In the event that the EEPs are commissioned for a task by the initiative of the ARF Chair, the Chair may mobilize voluntary contributions from ARF participants. The modality of funding should be indicated in the proposals.


6.  Future Review of the Terms of Reference

(a) These Terms of Reference forthe use of the Register of EEPs. will be reviewed for possible amendments and revisions when and if the need arises in the future. Any amendments and revisions shall be made on the basis of consensus of all ARF members.